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Café Veloce loves beer. We provide only local craft beer on our 8 rotating taps and we sell growlers! Café Veloce has over 20 different beers by the bottle, where the focus is beer from outside of our state (still use WA hops though.) Café Veloce is allocated small amounts of limited product from breweries like Deschutes, Dogfish Head, and more. We also carry 4 of the 7 Trapist beer houses, and a full list of Lambics. Café Veloce’s “beer guy” Nick loves I.P.A. and any sour beer (gueze to flanders,) so there is always an abundance of both. Café Veloce is also a proud sponsor of the Washington Beer Commission and are featured in the WABL passport. If you’re not a WABL’er you should be, because all WABL members get 10% off at Café Veloce, and it stands for “WA Beer Lover.”